Epic Games fix for CCDisk clients

Epic Games fix for CCDisk clients   
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Epic Games fix for CCDisk clients

Postby icafeman » Thu Dec 14, 2017 11:26 am

Refer our wiki for updated patch

Batch for fortnite fix
(714 Bytes) Downloaded 319 times

Below show how you can use the batch properly.

1. Install all Epic games in the same folder so the folder structure is like below.
Epic Games
2. Extract the attachment above and copy the file to the "Epic Games" folder.
3. Create a shortcut on the desktop for the batch file - epicLauncher.bat.
4. Now, run the shortcut from the desktop to launch the Epic launcher.
5. Login using your account.
6. You will see Launch for "Fortnite Game".

Note: You need to run the "epicLauncher.bat" on the server once as well.
This will allow you to update the game on server without any issue on client.
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