CCBoot 2018 build 0411 released

CCBoot 2018 build 0411 released   
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CCBoot 2018 build 0411 released

Postby icafeman » Thu Apr 12, 2018 7:02 am

Bringing you better program and function is our goal and we release yet another new version today. In this new version you can create ram disk for clients temp files, filter adult sites and more

Download now from :

For full change log please check the change log below.
Change log;
* Added "Update from IDC" function when install NIC drivers
* Added "Convert Collected NIC" function in CCBootPNP
* Added "Memdisk for Temp File" function in Additional options at CCBoot Client
* Added "Enable Adult Filter" function for filtering porn sites
* Optimized Windows 10 upload function
* Optimized status bar info
* Optimized the hardware profile function
* Fixed a bug for remote function
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